Are you trying to decide if you need to buy a different house? Moving is disruptive, but it may be the best option, particularly if your decision is predicated on things you can’t change, such as:

The Public Schools Aren’t Up To Par

If you have school-aged children and you aren’t satisfied with the local public system—and you don’t have the option or desire to select a private school—moving may make sense, after ruling out any other alternatives.

In some areas, you can attend a school outside the district by paying tuition to do so. Other areas allow this across-district change without a fee, upon parental request. You may also be able to assign “educational custody” to a family member who lives in a better school district in order to send your children to those schools.

Investigate all options in your area, before deciding to move solely for educational reasons.

The Neighborhood Is Declining or Lacks Amenities

If you own your home and the property is losing value (and you don’t expect that trend to reverse) it may be a good idea to sell before prices decline even more.

If you want amenities that your current neighborhood doesn’t offer, moving may be only way to get them. That may include closer access to grocery and department stores, or walking distance to restaurants, job opportunities or other features, such as a nearby park of swimming pool for your children.

You Don’t Want To Overbuild

If your house is already one of the higher-priced properties in the area, you may not want to invest in additional upgrades that make it even more “outsized” for the area. If you plan to sell later, renovating or adding on now may cost you more than you can recover in a sale.

On the other hand, if you love your current home and are more concerned about comfort than resale value, a renovation or an addition may be the best option for you, even if it does make your home slightly overbuilt.

You Can’t Expand

You may be perfectly willing to add a room or two, and stay put, but your lot might be too small or your local governmental agencies may be too draconian to allow that to happen easily. In such instances, you might find it easier to move than to tackle creative building options and/or to wade through the official paperwork and approval process.

The Geography Is All Wrong

You may have a new job that turns commuting into a major burden. Perhaps you have a far-away family member in need of your help; or you may need to be closer to family to get the help you need.

You may have decided that the winters are too harsh, the summer is too hot, or the allergy season lasts far too long where you live now.

In cases like these, it’s probably time for a move.

Your Home is Too Big

If you’ve raised your children and your sights are set on new ventures, you probably don’t need to insure, maintain or wander around a three-level house anymore. A smaller home may be a much better fit with your new life and planned pursuits.

Regardless of your reason to move, securing the assistance of an experienced Accredited Buyer’s Representative will help make the transition easier and will provide the resources you need to make your next move your best move!


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