The Killeen City Council went three for three Tuesday, approving a slew of state and private grant funds for traffic enforcement initiatives, pet adoptions and rifle-resistant body armor.

The council unanimously approved grants that include:

• $124,933 in Special Traffic Enforcement Program grant funds from the Texas Department of Transportation. The city will provide a local, one-time match of $73,937 to pay for salaries, benefits and gas mileage used during traffic enforcement and speed control initiatives.

• $127,350 in state funds to outfit Killeen officers with rifle-resistant body armor. There is no local match for the grant.

• $70,000 from the Petco Foundation to help pay for pet adoption fees and spaying and neutering. There is no local match for the grant.

While the animal services and STEP grants have no recurring charges, the city will be on the hook for maintenance and repair of the 225 sets of body armor provided under the state grant. The city estimates the cost of replacing the armor plates is about $81,000.

The council also unanimously approved a trio of purchases previously allocated in the fiscal year 2018 budget, including:

• $95,000 for training and duty ammunition for the Killeen Police Department

• $300,000 for Killeen Fire Department uniforms paid over the next three years

• $450,000 in consumable medical supplies for the fire department paid over the next three years

In a special workshop following the meeting, the council held a performance appraisal of City Manager Ron Olson in executive session.

“City Council’s evaluation of Mr. Olson’s performance remains excellent,” Mayor Jose Segarra, speaking on behalf of the City Council, said in a news release. “Council feels that Mr. Olson is driven and will take the City to a higher level.”

Olson provides the council with a review of organizational accomplishments each 100 days and receives the body’s assessment of his management performance.

His report covered the period of Aug. 26 to Dec. 4.

Olson, the previous city manager of Corpus Christi, was hired by the city in February. Olson’s contract stipulates quarterly reviews by the council.

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