Protecting Your Home: Safety Tips for the Homeowner

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We often like to think good things about our new home, such as the memories our family will make there. However, there’s a less than wonderful thought that should also be considered: the risk of burglary. As a new homeowner, you may be at risk for this opportunistic crime, but you can take certain precautions to better protect your new home sweet home.

Install an Alarm System
One of the simplest ways to protect your home may just be to install an alarm system. When doing so, make sure to pick a smart location for the keypad. Choose a spot that’s convenient for you, but away from any doors or windows. You don’t want someone outside to be able to peer in and see whether or not the alarm is set. Also, request a decal from the security company to display on your lawn or window. A mischievous passerby noticing the added protection may decide to leave the house alone.

Plant Gardens Strategically
Gardens can be essential for creating aesthetic curb appeal, but did you know they may add to your home’s security as well? Planting a garden underneath ground floor windows may prevent people from casually walking over to your window to look inside. While it’s possible to just walk through the garden, doing so is a bit peculiar and may look suspicious to anyone nearby. Not wanting to call attention to themselves, potential burglars may just move on.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outside
Having spare keys to your house is a great idea, since we all have one of those days where we accidentally lock ourselves out. However, stashing a spare key outside, such as in a planter or under the doormat, is a mistake. Potential criminals know to check these areas. Instead, leave a spare with a trusted neighbor. You may have to work around their schedule in the event of being locked out, but the added security can make that worth it.

Keep up Appearances
Everyone needs a vacation, but you shouldn’t let on to everyone that you’re out of town. While you’re away, time both indoor and outdoor lights to go on at night and off during the day. This way, no one passing by will find a dark, seemingly unattended home. Also, ask a neighbor to collect any newspaper, mail, or packages that may be dropped off at your door, since a pile up of unattended items signals that no one is home.

With the added protection that these safety tips may add to your home, you can have peace of mind to relax and attend to more fun aspects of being a homeowner.

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