How to Scare off Pests This Halloween

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During Halloween, we welcome the presence of spooky beings. While creatures like skeletons and ghosts are fun, creepy-crawlers such as spiders and mice are never invited guests. To stop insects and rodents from crashing Halloween parties, instruct your clients on these pest prevention guidelines. After all, their house should be decorated in fake cobwebs — not real ones!

Plug the Gaps

Over time, gaps form between windows and window frames at varying rates. These gaps are caused by differing expansion and contraction rates of various materials at different temperatures. Homeowners should apply caulk to these window gaps, and to any gaps in attic vents. It’s also wise to install new weatherstripping around doors. This shield around the home may keep insects and rodents out as well as potentially improve the home’s energy efficiency in the cold weather.

Create a Chemical Barrier

Suggest that homeowners protect their home by spreading an insecticide along the foundation of their house, a couple of feet from the ground up and a couple of feet from the foundational wall. Either a liquid spray or a granular insecticide can be used to help combat the bugs around a house’s perimeter. Make sure that they trust a professional to implement pesticides with chemicals that are not harmful to people or pets. Trick-or-treaters would certainly appreciate the effort.

Examine The Roof and Chimney

Because mice can easily climb brick walls and enter a house through the chimney, recommend that your clients install chimney caps, or a metal cover secured on top. Not only could this prevent unwelcome critters from infesting a home, but it could also block autumn leaves from falling into the chimney and posing a fire hazard.

Check The Trees in Your Yard

Trees around the perimeter of a house can act as a welcome mat for raccoons, skunks, and mice. Make sure that no tree branches touch the house, especially on the roof, as animals love to climb from branches and enter homes. Also, insects congregate near woodpiles and shrubs, so keeping a distance between the home and woodpiles and shrubs makes bugs less likely to travel into the house.

Don’t let all the hard work go to waste. Your clients should stay vigilant and close all garage doors, windows and screen doors at night. If unwanted creatures still find a way into the home, the best plan may be to banish them with traps or poisons. However, since it is much easier and cheaper to prevent pests from entering in the first place, be sure your clients follow these guidelines to keep their home protected. This Halloween, they’ll have the house that spooks trick-or-treaters with freaky decorationsnot with terrifying critters.

Call Larry Mitchell with Century 21 Randall Morris & Associates at 254 681 5115