The Home Selling Checklist

There’s so much you can do to position your home for the best possible sale. Even the smallest details can make a large difference. Make sure you read through this checklist and complete the tasks.


  • Have carpets cleaned and re-stretched or replaced if worn or dated.
  • Clean or have house cleaned (top to bottom, baseboards and ceiling fans).
  • Pack away all small collections and jewelry.
  • Wash windows inside and out.
  • Clean out and arrange all closets.
  • Complete all minor repairs, fix nail holes, and apply touch-up paint.
  • Touch up all painted trim where needed.
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs.
  • Use a higher wattage in rooms with only one light fixture.
  • Polish all doorknobs and hardware in all rooms. If you have brass fixtures, it’s worth the investment to replace them.
  • Remove a majority of your personal photos; leave out just a few to represent a loving home.
  • Remove stuffed trophy heads and/or animal collections of any kind.
  • Limit toys to one toy box or storage area and pack the rest away.
  • Put away any boxes. The only things that should be on the floor are furniture.


  • Remove all personal items from bathroom countertops. 


  • Remove all kitchen appliances from counter tops.
  • Keep all food items off the counter.
  • Remove all magnets and papers from the front of the refrigerator, and all food and other items from the top.
  • Replace old stove drip pans, and for older stoves, add new burner covers; it helps them look newer.


  • Remove all window screens.
  • Place the screens in the garage where they are visible so the buyer will see them.
  • Plant flowers in pots outside by the front door and along sidewalks and landscaping beds.
  • Add mulch in landscape beds.
  • Power wash patios, walkways and driveway.


  • Clean out the garage and remove all the “extras.”
  • Leave only tools, lawn equipment, bikes & cars.
  • It’s key to show that at least one car does fit in the garage.
  • If both sides of the garage are full, rent mini-storage.