Five Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

The coffee table often serves as the hub of your living area. It doubles as a functional hot-spot and a decor focal point! We all love to decorate a coffee table for maximum appeal, and convenience, with items we already have at home. From books, to trays, to flowers, see below for our 5 easy tips to style your coffee table:

5 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

  1. A stack of pretty books is one easy way to showcase your coffee table’s elegance with simplicity.
  2. Add a simple tray with some accessories to improve your coffee table’s style.
  3. Group similar items together on your coffee table to create a streamlined and organized look.
  4. Layer in decorative pieces to create a perfectly designed look for your coffee table.
  5. Arrange your items in a truly chic way by grouping items together of a similar color palette together.