DIY Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

With ideas for stylish storage, easy-to-assemble accessories, and fresh vanity updates, these character-boosting DIY projects will help you revive a boring bathroom.

Giving a boring bathroom a little pick-me-up doesn’t have to break the bank. Infuse some style into your bath with these easy, budget-friendly style tips. Do-it-yourself tips help you accomplish a bathroom makeover on a budget, whether you’re wanting to add a little pre-sale pizzazz before putting your house on the market, or whether you’re likely to stay for a while. - DIY Bathroom Makeover on a Budget

Recycle jars for a new use

Rescue pickle jars or other glass containers from the recycle bin, and give them a new purpose holding beauty products, such as cotton balls. To add a knob, drill a hole in the center of the lid. Prime and paint the lids, and let dry. Spray with a clear sealer to protect the paint. Once dry, attach each knob by tightening up the washer on the underside, and cut off the excess shank, if desired. For a final pop of color, glue strips of punchy patterned paper to the jars.