5 Holiday Décor Ideas You Can Enjoy Year-Round

Preparing for the holidays can be a joyful, fulfilling experience. Decorating the home can be time-consuming, however, and when your efforts are only enjoyed for a temporary period of time, it may feel that that it isn’t worth the reward. There are many ways, though, that you can show your seasonal cheer without reinventing the wheel: below we’ve listed five ways you can decorate your house for the holidays with décor that will last throughout the year’s many celebrations.


1. Indoor Foliage

Plants are a festive and lively addition to your décor for any occasion (and they go with everything). For your year-round touch that’s also low maintenance, keep a jade plant as a focal point or arrange a display of succulents, like cactus or agave, in neutral-toned pots. For a seasonal touch, add poinsettias to your mix this time of year, transfer in African violets for the spring, and add hibiscus for a touch of tropics in the summer.