Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home)

With many new couples looking to buy a home as soon as possible, knowing how to plan an affordable wedding is a valuable skill. After all, if you’re spending on elaborate centerpieces, expensive venues, and high-end catered food, you won’t have as much left over to put towards a down payment when buying your first home later. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice your dream day just to have funds for your dream house. You just have to know the amazing wedding planning tips that are finance-friendly. So, start planning your big day with these wedding tips, and don’t forget that you and your partner will also have an incredible future together that you want to be able to invest in.


Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home) - bhgrelife.comCut the Guest List

If you have a large family, cutting the guest list may not be a plausible option. However, cutting the list is worth considering, especially if you haven’t seen your great uncle since you were three years old. Be realistic about with whom you truly want to share this special day. A smaller wedding can be much more personable and special.

Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home) - bhgrelife.comBook a Venue to Fit Your Guest List

There’s nothing worse than booking a venue with a capacity of 100, only to realize later you want to invite 250. This could result in a significant amount of money lost, as you often have to put a deposit down to hold the venue. So, instead of having to either cross your close cousins off of the wedding guest list or lose a good chunk of money, always determine the amount of people on your guest list prior to booking a venue.

Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home) - bhgrelife.comDifferent Venues, Different Prices

There are many factors that come into play with venues that can instantly raise your wedding expenses. The good thing is, the world is full of beautiful places, and many are cost-effective if you do your research in discovering them. So, take some time to go over a couple of factors, such as exact location and venue type, because these elements can drastically change the price. Choosing a non-traditional venue has many cost-saving benefits; consider looking at venues such as public parks, friends’ or families’ homes, or venues in off-peak seasons. You could also opt for a venue that provides an onsite ceremony, as this will save in decoration costs (no need to decorate two places) and transportation, as you won’t need limos to transport the bridal party.

Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home) - bhgrelife.comAlways Shop Around

No matter what the item is, always shop around. Whether you’re looking for a wedding photographer, reception hall, or caterer, explore your options. Some companies are able to charge more for their services just because they are well renowned. You could likely get the same quality for a fraction of the price, but only if you take the time to investigate. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family, and find an affordable fit for all aspects of your wedding to ensure the perfect big day happens with room left in your budget for your new life together.

Planning an Affordable Wedding (So You Can Buy Your First Home) - bhgrelife.comDance the Night Away Without Debt

With a wedding comes music. You simply can’t call it a day until you’ve danced with everyone who came to share and celebrate this special moment with you. So, while it’s never recommended to cut out the music, there’s no need to hire an expensive DJ, professional musician, or live band. Some more affordable options are to hire a student musician, or to hook up an iPod and have family and friends DJ for you, making the experience personal, fun, and cost-effective. As a bonus, you’ll be sure to hear all the music you want, and can enjoy a higher level of flexibility throughout the reception!

Now that you’ve cut the costs of wedding planning, you can put the money you saved towards your future. Whether it’s buying your first house together or saving money for some home improvements when you decide to start a family, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t break the bank all on one special day. Make sure you can invest in your future together by opting for an affordable wedding.