Faith Rainwater’s kindergarten class at Skipcha Elementary School was announced as one of the classes at eight schools in the nation to win the Ford Drive Box Tops Sweepstakes for collecting Box Tops For Education.

By Krista M. Madkins
Harker Heights Herald

For some, it’s a family thing.

Seniyah Rogalla, a kindergarten student at Skipcha Elementary School, said she cuts out Box Tops For Education with her mother and grandma.

The student collected 363 box tops in January, winning the individual and class competition in Faith Rainwater’s class.

“It is exciting the school makes a big deal out of the winners,” said Rainwater. “They announce the class and the student over the intercom system.”

The competition focuses on the class and student that brings the most box tops in during a month.

“The school has actively been collecting box tops for the last five years, recently, changing up its box tops program by creating a school-wide competition,” said Marty Prater, president of Skipcha Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization.

Prater said the competition, in conjunction with the rewards the class and individual receive, helps encourage the children and parents to keep collecting box tops. She also mentioned that this year has been the most successful to date.

“From our October shipment, we received a check back for $1,944,” she said.

She said the organization sends two shipments a year — one in October and one in February — and receives a check per shipment for the box tops value.

She noted that in the past, they spent the money on items for the school, such as a big screen television for the administration office.

The school’s efforts were bolstered this year after being randomly selected to win 10,000 box tops, equivalent to $1,000, through a two-month Ford Motor Company and General Mills sweepstakes.

“We took General Mills’ consumer fundraising effort and evolved it so that Ford vehicle owners and shoppers could easily participate and generate funds to support their local schools,” said Nik Ciccone, a Ford Motor Company representative.

Although schools now have other ways available for earning funds for their school, Skipcha Elementary School continues to use the traditional means as well for its fundraising.

This year, the organization plans to use the $1,944 they collect in Box Tops and the additional $1,000 from Ford to help purchase a shade canopy for the playground at the school.