By Krista M. Madkins
Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS — With lights flashing on the Harker Heights Fire Department’s truck, Santa made his entrance into Carl Levin Park Friday.

He descended from the truck to a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle and made his way to his seat to hear children’s Christmas wishes as the city kicked off the eighth annual Frost Fest and holiday season events.

Kennedy Doaty, 4, was one of the first children to see Santa and tell him all her Christmas wishes.

“I asked Santa for a walkie-talkie bear, a walkie-talkie and a new dollhouse,” said Kennedy, as she repeated her list on her way out of the tent.

Her mother, Victoria Doaty, joked alongside her companion, saying, “This (telling Santa her wishes) is like Plan B, and what is she talking about a walkie-talkie.”

Other children at the event surprised their parents as well, including one little girl who told Santa she wanted makeup for Christmas. Santa said, “OK.” And as he let her off his lap, she asked, “Where is my makeup?”

Her parents laughed a little and said, “You don’t get it now, it isn’t Christmas,” as she was led out of the tent.

The line to see Santa moved quickly, which was good for the Miller family. Linda Miller and her four children arrived a little later than they planned.

“They had to be good all this week in school in order to come here and see Santa,” said Miller.

Her children each had a list.

“I want earrings, a pony and makeup,” said Ruby Miller, a Nolanville Elementary School student. One of her brothers, Kenny Miller, said he wanted a monster truck and a police car.

After seeing Santa, the Millers, like most of those gathered, enjoyed the rest of the evening’s events such as the Super Slide, kiddy train, vendors and petting zoo.

This event marked the official start of the holiday season for Harker Heights and its Parks and Recreation Department. Other holiday events include the 12th annual Heights Lights on Parade Outdoor Lighting and Decorating Contest and Letters to Santa.