Crews continue construction on homes Monday along Bunny Trail.

By Anthony Scott
Killeen Daily Herald

Developers are coming to the city for a number of items at tonight’s Council meeting.

One group is looking for a variance to Killeen’s university overlay district to allow the construction of duplexes and town homes. Despite claims that the project will provide student housing, some residents and council members have remained skeptical since the campus doesn’t even have a building.

The council could decide tonight on whether or not to vary from the overlay district which is intended for economic and community development surrounding Texas A&M University-Central Texas.

The city will also discuss a financial agreement with developers of the Goodnight Ranch subdivision to pay for the expansion of Bunny Trail as a minor arterial roadway.

The agreement calls for the city to pay about $1.4 million to increase the size of the roadway and the amount of drainage to accommodate expanding development. The cost of the road to the developer is about $400,000.

Killeen has a similar agreement with Killeen ISD, where it is building an elementary school along the road. The district will have to pay about $277,126.