By Mason W. Canales
Killeen Daily Herald

HARKER HEIGHTS — The City Council is taking its first look at possibly changing lot-size requirements for future single-family dwellings and facade requirements for homes at its 3 p.m. workshop meeting today.

The planning and development department started working on several changes to the minimum lot size and facade requirements for single-family dwellings with the planning and zoning commission at some of the council members’ request, said Planning and Development Director Tommy Garcia.

The commission’s recommendations for the council are to increase the overall residential lot size from 7,200-square feet to 8,400-square feet, to have an average lot width no less than 60 feet and a minimum lot frontage of no less than 45 feet, and to decrease the setback of the home if the garage is not at the front of the home, city documents stated.

“After two workshops with the (planning and zoning commission), I wanted to take (the commission’s) recommendations to the council.” Garcia said. “… We are looking at different ways that we can work

with our ordinance to insure the quality of developments we want in Harker Heights.”

The staff and the commission recommended three small changes to help direct the high quality of development the city is hoping to continue having, Garcia said.

“It is an option the council has, and if they want to exercise it, they can.” Garcia said. “These are three small tweaks. Can they guarantee that type of development? No. But will it direct things that way in the future? Hopefully.”