Killeen recently updated its 2006 building codes to match the most current 2009 International Building codes and as a result many homes may be built with added protection from high winds.

The change came at Tuesday’s City Council meeting when members voted to approve the update.  With the change set to take effect April 1, 2011.

Additional wind-bracing requirements are a change that reflects the way modern houses are made—structures are larger but use less wood, said Killeen building official Earl Abbott.

“The size of houses have been larger,” Abbott said.  “They have multiple elevations, 8 to 10 foot ceilings.  The roofs are more complicated, maybe have three car garages.”

Older houses were often smaller and more wood, creating solid bracing.  Now many houses require additional bracing and have more complex designs, Abbott said.

By Anthony Scott

Killeen Daily Herald