The City Council unanimously approved Killeen’s Comprehensive and Downtown plans Tuesday after no one spoke at a public hearing on the subject.

The plans address future land use, growth management, mobility, parks, recreation, housing and neighborhoods for the next 20 years.

During its consent agenda, council members approved a key first step to expand Killeen’s city limits by about 672 acres by annexing Texas A&M University-Central Texas.  The vote allows City Manager Connie Green to prepare an annexation service plan.

All council members were  present except for Kenny Wells.

The city also approved buying more technology for its fire department with the acquisition of Grace-TPASS accountability system.  The system is designed to allow more communication with firefighters on scene.  It notifies a main computer when a firefighter stops moving and can be used to signal firefighters of when they should evacuate a building.

The equipment costs about $260,000, which will go to Grace Industries Inc.  About 80% of the cost is funded by a $207,000 grant the city received from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security’s 2009 Assistance of Firefighters grant program.

By Anthony Scott,  Killeen Daily Herald